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Posted: 2 Jun 2017
This Domain Name "WWW.SignalHub.Com" is for Sale. Note: the Wig-Wag Flag Logo is Registered and is negotiable. : Pete Martinez: e-mail:

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Registered and established in 1999 to sell, barter, or just showcase antiquated WWI, WWII, and Vietnam Era Signal Corps related ground communications equipment. This Dot Com Domain with the title "SignalHub.Com" is ideal for any technology enterprise. The owner is a retired 20 year vietnam veteran U.S. Signal Corps Officer. Price: $500,000. Make me an offer. This is perfect for high profile Corporations similar to Cisco, Belden Cable, etc.,.

11 June, 2017This Domain is for Sale: P. Martinez: e-mail:

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The following images are temporary to display a couple of ingeniously homemade ground wire communications equipment: A quasi-replica of the military squad/platoon level field switchboard SB-993/GT (sb-993HM/gt) "HM for homemade," and a leather case for the WWII EE-8 field telephone recently made by Paul T. from Macon, Georgia


Leather Case EE-8 WWII Field Telephone

Paul indicated, "I used the hardware from some unserviceable cases. Notice the stamping on the front. I made the slings as well. I had to dig out my phones to check, but I made 4 of them. That was a bit of work which I'm not sure I'd want to do again. I had to alter some of the fittings from canvas cases to use on my leather reproductions. I must admit, the cases are some of my best work in leather."

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